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The rebel bank, printing its own notes and buying back people’s debts

HCSB in Walthamstow is selling printed bank notes to raise money to buy local debtFirst there were the banks. Sending credit cards through…
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Bitcoin, the Biggest Bubble in History, Is Popping

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Sinclair Employees Say Their Contracts Make It Too Expensive to Quit

owns or operates 193 TV stations in more than 80 markets across the country and reaches an estimated 38 percent of households. This weekend, it video…
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George Soros Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrencies

The family office is said to have recently approved trading Soros called the digital assets a ‘bubble’ in January George Soros called cryptocurrencies…
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Chinas Vast Intercontinental Building Plan Is Gaining Momentum

Here’s a Quicktake on what Xi describes as the ‘project of the century’ The program isn’t without controversy: debt began operations last year,…
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Ex-Speaker John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firms Advisory Board

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld also added Watershed moment for cannabis as drug goes mainstream
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Expect big things from SF Motors a stealth startup with big promise.

Just about everyone is buzzing about electric vehicles these days. Yet, despite charging stations popping up at work, and autonomous rideshare safety systems…
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What Would Regulating Facebook Look Like?

The drumbeat to regulate Big Tech began pounding long before the Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked Facebook—six long years ago, the Obama administration pushed…
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What to Look for in Your Facebook Dataand How to Find It

You've likely heard by now about Cambridge Analytica, the shadowy, Trump-affiliated data analysis firm that reportedly siphoned off information belonging to 50 million…
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China Vows to Fight Trump Tariffs to the End as Tension Rises

President urges levies on $100 billion more of Chinese goods China says it doesn’t want a trade war but is ready to fight…
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