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House of Fraser: Five things that went wrong

1. The internetNew technology has had a disruptive influence on the High Street in general, with digital retailers such as Amazon dealing a…
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Number of mobile calls drops for first time

A high percentage (71%) say they never turn off their phones and 78% say they could not live without it.While three-quarters of the…
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Stores and shoppers report fan shortage

Image Copyright @StevenBridges @StevenBridges
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Trust me, I’m a fake doctor: how medical imposters thrive in the real world

Versions of Jodie Whittakers bogus TV medic do exist. But fantasists and charlatans tend to operate outside the hospital, where victims have been…
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BBC apologises for ‘what is the right punishment for blasphemy?’ tweet

Broadcaster says it never intended to imply blasphemy should be punished and said the tweet was poorly wordedBBC Asia has apologised after it…
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