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The world’s oddest election

(CNN)There are stump speeches, handshakes and even an official statement refuting voting fraud.Think "Baby One More Time" era Britney Spears, cloned over and…
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Muslims keep alive Calcutta’s Jewish schools, stores and traditions

Calcutta, India (CNN)When Mitana Alexander bid goodbye to Calcutta's Jewish Girls School in 1975, she was its last Jewish student. The bulk of…
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Do you need to be Korean to be K-pop?

(CNN)Can Korean pop music still be considered Korean if it no longer features any Koreans? But not everyone agrees.
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Dozens arrested as South Korean military conducts ‘gay witch-hunt’

Seoul (CNN)"Sergeant A" doesn't want to give his real name, his exact rank or show his face. Sergeant A is part of a…
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Locked out of China, South Korea’s K-pop stars are heading to the US

(CNN)China's loss is America's gain. "China is South Korea's biggest trading partner and many Chinese are big fans of Korean pop culture," said…
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In ancient city of Xi’an, China hopes to restart the Silk Road

Xi'an, China (CNN)Michael Chang's love of noodles should make his adopted home a perfect fit. Growing up poor in eastern China, Chang crowded…
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China’s new world order: Xi, Putin and others meet for Belt and Road Forum

Belt and Road Forum, Beijing (CNN)China's leaders are ringing in what they hope is a new world order at a major international conference…
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Just what is this One Belt, One Road thing anyway?

Hong Kong (CNN)Spanning more than 68 countries and encompassing 4.4 billion people and up to 40% of the global GDP, China's One Belt,…
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Number one issue in the South Korean election? Not North Korea

Seoul (CNN)South Koreans go to the polls Tuesday amid heightening tensions with North Korea and saber-rattling from Pyongyang and Washington. Park's humiliating fall…
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Indian minister offers new brides a bat to beat husbands

Delhi (CNN)An Indian state minister has come up with a controversial way to fight alcohol abuse.Alcoholism, he says, is a serious issue for…
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