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7 Real People Who Singlehandedly Screwed Entire Economies

The stock market is even more powerful than you realize. Which is saying something, right? Much like Han Solo is pretty sure he…
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How Watching Reality TV Makes You A Worse Person, According To A Study Betches

At the end of a long day bottle glass of wine, and turning on Bravo. Unfortunately, according to a new study, one of…
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5 Sandals That Won’t Get Ruined In The Rain Betches

There are few things riskier than dressing while it’s raining in the summer. It’s all basically a lose-lose. Either you’re going to be…
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Where Would Your Favorites From ‘The O.C.’ Be Today? Betches

August 5th is the 15th anniversary of the most important television show of all time: The O.C. The show premiered 15 years ago, so…
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What Happened To The Kardashians’ Former Friends? Betches

The Kardashians are known for chewing up and spitting out men as often as you do with those SugarBearHaircare vitamins the sisters swear…
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Best Bachelorette Recap You’ll Ever Read: Week 9

The Bachelorettebring shame upon her familyThe episode begins, and we’re immediately treated to footage of the journey so far. Becca starts talking about…
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Why I Shave My Face For The Beauty Benefits & You Should Too Betches

Now, before I share said benefits, I’m going to debunk the myth that I know you’re all thinking right now: “If I shave…
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5 Sheet Masks To Use On An Airplane Betches

If you’ve ever spotted a celebrity, influencer, or otherwise just ballsy person post a pic to your Instagram feed of themselves wearing a…
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27 Child Actors Who Grew Up And Are Totally Killing It Now

Cracked pays people to make smart memes. Visit the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get in on it. Child actors who crash and…
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2 Groups Of Americans Who Want To Abandon The Rest Of Us

Freedom: it can be the noblest-sounding justification for bailing on stuff. And it's as American as the Pilgrims, who escaped persecution in England…
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