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5 Movie Problems That Kids Today Will Never Understand

Like everything else, movies age. Special effects look worse, popular slang and fashion are left behind, and political and social contexts shift. But…
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This Bundle Is The Silver Lining Of Cloud Computing

This piece was written by the people who run the Make Sure Your Private Data Stays That Way With A VPN Cloud computing,…
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5 Of Your Favorite Sites That Have Screwed-Up Dark Secrets

We've recently seen popular opinion on Facebook shift from "It helps us keep up with our aunts' cats" to "It's destroying our right…
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5 Things You Learn Pretending To Be A Businessman In China

It seems like the plot of a very bad, racist old Rob Schneider comedy you'd stumble across on Netflix: A white guy has…
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The Dark Truth About Supermarket Orange Juice

Ready to find out something you assumed was fine and barely gave a second thought to is actually super weird and messed up?…
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Amazons Price Hike Is A Good Time To Remember Amazon Sucks

Because it knows people are no longer able to wait for more than two days to get their newly ordered bundles of sticks,…
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5 Gamers Who Turned Trolling Into An Artform

If you're extremely old, you might remember the days when internet trolling was fun and imaginative and done purely for laughs. It's a…
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The Crazy Message Of The Marvel Movies Everybody Missed

It's been almost ten long years since Tony Stark first donned the Iron Mansuit to battle ... Jeff Bridges? Wow, the first villain…
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The Crazy Coincidence That Saved Video Games Forever

According to economists, video games are an infinity-dollar-a-year business. 1.2 billion people play video games, which means there are now more gamers than…
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The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We’ve Got Is Real Cheap

Coding computers ain't like bulls-eyeing womp rats back in Beggar's Canyon, kid. Without precise calculations, you could reformat an entire hard drive, erase…
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