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Seasonal Reminder: The Santa Clause Movies Are Insane

Christmas movies: They let us celebrate the birth of Jesus while also basking in the warm irradiating glow of television. There's everything from…
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6 Tiny Movie Moments That Took Insane Amounts Of Work

Movies are hard to make. Directors have to deal with a million different things, from a diva starlet's demand that she only be…
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We Defined The 10 Sex Terms You’re Too Embarrassed To Look Up Yourself

I’m not going to lie, the research for this article was pretty harrowing. But between Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia, and Googling “decoded rap lyrics,”…
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Donald Trump Might Ruin The Royal Wedding For Everyone

By now, it should be old news to you that Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle. We’ve been over it, and it’s…
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Kelly Kapoor’s Top 10 Moments In Honor Of ‘The Office’ Returning

The year 2017 will go down in history as the year we've all officially given up. It's happening across the board, from our…
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5 Movies Where The Heroes & Villains Would Be Reversed Today

The world is rapidly changing, and as a result, many things we took for granted are falling by the wayside -- some entire…
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The Most Absurd Political Moments Of 2017

If 2016 was the year of realizing stuff, then 2017 was the year of realizing politics is totally fucked. I mean, what can…
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5 Horrifying Ways America’s Hunting Undocumented Immigrants

Being an undocumented immigrant is like playing the world's highest-stakes game of hide and seek. They're already been cut off from entire swaths…
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6 Famous TV Finales Everybody Gets Wrong

With the exception of those soap operas that will outlive our grandchildren, most TV shows eventually come to an end. Final episodes tend…
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Why Conservative Comedy Is Almost Impossible In Trump Times

Thought experiment: if you made a list of the biggest 10 comedy institutions in your life, what would be on it? Probably stuff…
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