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13 Of Your Favorite Foods (And Their Bizarre Secret Origins)

Food: you gotta eat it. No matter how you organize your diet, habits, and beliefs, you're going to devour something that other people…
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Create A Jetson’s Future With This Machine Learning Bundle

This piece was written by the people who run the machine learning is the ability of computers to sift through massive amounts of…
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5 Unsung Heroes Who Made Your Favorite Movie Fight Scenes

Not unlike any given trip to IKEA, action movies are chock-full of fights, the difference being that someone has to choreograph all those…
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7 Crazy News Stories That Deserve Their Own Movies

If you spend any sort of time online, you know that weird news pops up about every 20 minutes. While there's clearly no…
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Brew Up The Perfect Indie Game With This Java Bundle

This piece was written by the people who run the Java. What's Java? Java has been around for over 20 years, but is…
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5 Surprising Ways America Is Actually Moving Backwards

When people wax nostalgic, it's typically for fun stuff, like old cameras and weathered rocking chairs ... not polio or segregation. But as…
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How Violent Video Games Might Be Screwing With Your Brain

I've been committing war crimes in video games since the goddamned Carter era. In a game last night, I used a combination of…
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5 Movie Problems That Kids Today Will Never Understand

Like everything else, movies age. Special effects look worse, popular slang and fashion are left behind, and political and social contexts shift. But…
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This Bundle Is The Silver Lining Of Cloud Computing

This piece was written by the people who run the Make Sure Your Private Data Stays That Way With A VPN Cloud computing,…
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5 Of Your Favorite Sites That Have Screwed-Up Dark Secrets

We've recently seen popular opinion on Facebook shift from "It helps us keep up with our aunts' cats" to "It's destroying our right…
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