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13 Myths About Society Too Many People Believe

I am to science what Albert Einstein was to trap music. All I can do is defer to the experts, and what the…
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7 Times Google Maps Straight Up Ruined People’s Lives

Have you ever gotten mad at Google Maps for underestimating how long a road trip would take, or telling you to turn left…
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5 World Leaders Who Did The Opposite Of What You’d Expect

Some leaders are visionaries, lighting the way for future generations and forging easy Oscar wins for future actors portraying them. Others sink to…
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4 Facts That Prove Sex Isn’t As Important As You Think

If the size of the porn industry is any indication, it would seem as if humanity views all other aspects of life as…
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5 Surprising Ways The World Is Secretly Looking Out For You

Very few professions are out there actively trying to keep you alive. Firefighters, doctors, uh ... erotic bakers? What even is life without…
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6 Underreported Reasons Why The NRA Are Just The Worst

With AR-15s in the news because of [insert this week's horribly depressing reason here], there's a chance you might be feeling rather peeved…
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5 YouTube Personalities Who Escaped From Scandal Unscathed

I've come to the conclusion that a big YouTube personality could hunt people on a private island, make a video about it called…
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5 Real People Who Lived Crazy Double Lives (And Succeeded)

In a world full of people with larger-than-life personalities, it should come as no surprise that some of them need more than one…
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4 Creepy Ways Everyday Life Is Turning Into Sci-Fi

The goal of any good dystopian story is to warn us about the future that we could end up with if we're not…
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5 Horror Movies That Made Up Rules Midway Through The Film

Any good movie needs to establish the rules of its universe. The viewer absolutely must know what happens if zombie blood gets in…
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