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Spotify launches an app for artists with real-time streaming data, audience demographics

In the music streaming era, access to data is king. Artists want to know how their music is being discovered, who’s listening, where,…
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This week in apps: Watch sharks on Google Earth, become a faux pilot, and everything else

The apps have changed again.Image: lili sams/mashableIt wouldn't surprise us if you were so caught up in picking the best foods to eat…
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Travis Kalanick’s future as Uber CEO under threat

Cab company has approved recommendations to fight sexual harassment in firm, which some say is caused by the chief executives management styleThe future…
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Yeay, a Gen Z video network for selling things, raises $4.9M

Video is the name of the game in social media these days, as Facebook and Instagram continue to ramp up features to grab…
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Tinder Fail: 7 Profile Photos Of Men Frowning And Pulling Out Their Empty Pockets That We Are Definitely Swiping Left On

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Nuggets new app finds the best deals on Amazon

There are a number of great deals to be had on Amazon, but finding them across the retailers vast array of products is…
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Report: Amazons video app is coming to Apple TV this year

According to a report from Recode this morning, Apple and Amazon may have come to an agreement that will finally bring the Amazon…
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Google Areo is a new app for ordering food or home services in India

Google is getting into the restaurant delivery and home services businesses nope,not in the U.S., but rather in parts of India. The company…
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Speed-reading apps: can you really read a novel in your lunch hour?

Apps such as Spreeder and Spritz are bringing speed reading back into fashion. But what gets lost in this race for the last…
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Facebook gives app developers a new way to target users with push notifications

Today, its not enough to get users to download an app, you have to keep them coming back, or the app will soon…
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