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Apple Watches and AirPods are safe from Trump’s trade war

Now you can get yer Apple watch for the low, low price of... well, still not low at all.Image: screenshot: jake krol/mashableWell well…
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Apple’s iPhone XS will be historic, but not for the reason you think

Image: Vicky Leta/MashableSomeone once described the iPhone as a window into our digital lives. Apple's job, in designing it, is to make that…
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Highlights from the Senate hearing on consumer data protection

Having a federal instead of state law govern consumer data protection will benefit tech companies.Image: Getty Images/iStockphotoOn Wednesday, representatives from some of the…
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I don’t wanna give Apple my face

The one thing I'll NEVER part with is my face.Image: Vicky Leta / MashableSince Apple first gave me the option to use my…
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Apple’s Latest iPhones Are Packed With AI Smarts

At a glance the three new iPhones unveiled next to Apple’s glassy circular headquarters Wednesday look much like last year’s iPhone X. Inside,…
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Security News This Week: You Should Delete Facebook’s VPN App

The biggest news in America this week struck like two timed missiles minutes apart on Tuesday afternoon. Though they appear at first blush…
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Boosting your Mac’s graphics performance with Blackmagic’s eGPU is more trouble than it’s worth

Blackmagic's eGPU was co-designed with Apple. No wonder it looks like the trash can Mac Pro.Image: raymond wong/mashable Blackmagic eGPU $699 If you…
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Sales of PCs just grew for the first time in six years

Don’t look now, but the PC might not be dead. According to Gartner, collector of marketshare and industry metrics, worldwide shipments of personal…
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Is insurance a rich enough game to disrupt?

Martha Notaras Tech giants may be tempted to use their troves of data to compete with insurers directly. They also have access to…
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Foxconn, a key Apple manufacturing partner, breaks ground for American factory

It is uncertain whether Apple will use these screens, however, since it mainly sources them from Samsung, LG, and Japan Display.But if the…
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