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Survival Mode Defines Puerto Rico One Month After Maria

A month after Hurricane Maria leaving for the mainland. At this stage in the recovery from the Category 4 storm, many find the…
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Accused of corruption, popularity near zero why is Temer still Brazil’s president?

Michel Temer may escape impeachment, but the ongoing political crisis undermines democracy and opens the door to authoritarian hardlinersIf Brazils recent decline could…
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General Motors recalls 800,000 trucks worldwide over steering defect

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 models could lose power steering, says traffic safety authorityGeneral Motors Co is recalling nearly 800,000 Chevrolet…
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Venezuela opposition figures taken from homes

(CNN)[Breaking news update at 3:21 a.m. ET]Leading Venezuela opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez has been taken from his home, according to tweets from his…
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Venezuela: Maduro claims huge voter turnout

Caracas, Venezuela (CNN)The President of Venezuela, Nicols Maduro, has claimed a huge turnout in a controversial election for a new Constituent Assembly that…
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Maduro foes to boycott vote, plan protest as Venezuela’s divisions deepen

Caracas, Venezuela (CNN)With the outcome not in question, a major vote in Venezuela on Sunday could mark a stark turning point for the…
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Why did 10 migrants die in this truck in Texas?

Their deaths, after being crammed into an uncooled trailer amid scorching summer heat, expose the callousness of smuggling along the US-Mexico borderOne day…
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Venezuela’s political crisis explained

Caracas (CNN)Venezuelans have been summoned to the polls on Sunday to vote for a new lawmaking body, to be known as the Constituent…
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‘It takes a lot of courage': Venezuelan protesters tell of rising police violence

As general strike begins, more than 100 have died and hundreds more arrested in anti-government protests since AprilIt was the second time Wuilly…
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‘At home, we couldnt get by': more Venezuelans flee as crisis deepens

As Venezuela falls further into turmoil, more of its citizens are leaving a country that once served as a haven for economic migrants…
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