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Nestl acquires a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee at a valuation north of $700M

Blue Bottle Coffee, one of Silicon Valley’s favorite coffee projects, is selling a majority stake to Nestlé in a big semi-acquisition this morning…
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A Donald Trump tweet knocked $6 billion off Amazon’s value

Image: alex wong/Getty ImagesDonald Trump knocked $6 billion off of Amazon before most of the country was awake. In a tweet sent at…
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Hear, boy? Pet translators will be on sale soon, Amazon says

Retailer backs futurologists claim that devices conversing in canine will be available in, ruffly speaking, a decadeImagine talking to a tiger, chatting to…
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Amazon isnt developing its own winesyet

According to numerous reports out this morning, Amazon entered the wine business with its own label in partnership with Oregons King Estate Winery,…
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Facebook is winning the social networking war, but here’s how Amazon almost did it first

Amazon CEO Jeff BezosImage: David Ryder/Getty ImagesIt may seem like Amazon is suddenly hungry to take over the world, but the company has…
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Walmart reportedly wont bid for Whole Foods after Amazons huge offer

Walmart isnt actively considering a bid for Whole Foods, which Amazon said it would purchase for $13.7 billion last week, according to a…
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How to make $300M in two months betting on groceries

Today, Amazon made a bid to buy Whole Foods a grocery chain for $13.7 billion. That promptly sent the stock up around 30%.…
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Alphabet joins Amazon with stocks trading over $1000

Alphabet stocks began trading at just over $1,000 todayImage: Lennihan/AP/REX/ShutterstockWhat could you buy with $1,000? A new MacBook? A pair of Louboutins? How…
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Amazon Charts, Amazons new bestseller list, ranks titles by most read and more

Amazon has long relied on customers providing feedback and providing other ranking data as part of the process of encouraging more saleson its…
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Third parties have always been the key to Amazons smart home domination plans

For Amazon, hardware has always been a means to an end. From the Kindle e-reader to the Fire tablets to its TV offerings,…
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