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Forget Watson, the Red Hat acquisition may be the thing that saves IBM

With its latest $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat, IBM may have found something more elementary than “Watson” to save its flagging business.…
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Just One Thing: Dealing with lawsuits

EBay is suing Amazon, alleging sellers were being poached.Image: Mashable Composite / getty imagesThey don't call it "ruthless capitalism" for nothing! Ebay has…
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Amazon makes offline retail push in India

Amazon unleashed a flurry of new products this week at a U.S. press event, but halfway across the world, it is getting deeper…
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Church of England criticizes Amazon, but it has a ton of Amazon shares

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of CanterburyImage: SIMON DAWSON / Contributor/GettyimagesThis week, the most senior bishop in the Church of England, Justin Welby (aka…
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Highlights from the Senate hearing on consumer data protection

Having a federal instead of state law govern consumer data protection will benefit tech companies.Image: Getty Images/iStockphotoOn Wednesday, representatives from some of the…
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Is insurance a rich enough game to disrupt?

Martha Notaras Tech giants may be tempted to use their troves of data to compete with insurers directly. They also have access to…
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Amazons share of the US e-commerce market is now 49%, or 5% of all retail spend

Amazon has already been in the crosshairs of the White House when it comes to threats of antitrust investigations, and while some say…
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Why Tech Worker Dissent Is Going Viral

Silicon Valley has a long and secretive history of building hardware and software for the military and law enforcement. In contrast, a recent…
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Seattle passes new tax on large companies despite Amazons howls of protest

Seattle’s city council voted unanimously to approve a new tax on the largest employers in the city, despite strong opposition by Amazon and…
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‘The Expanse’ is officially saved and headed to Amazon

Image: alcon entertainmentAnother day, another streaming service swooping in to rescue a TV series that couldn't cut it on cable. For weeks, fans…
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