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10 Famous Celebs Who Have Committed Murder

Celebs, they're truly just like the rest of us. They eat, drink, and oh, sometimes they kill people. Most times it's a car…
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20 Kids Who Are More Intelligent Than Any Adult

Kids haven't yet been beaten into submission by years of trying to fit into society, and so they often think about things way…
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20 Painful Pictures of People in Their Most Awkward Years

We all had some not-so-glamorous years, and unfortunately for us, there is almost certainly photographic evidence of this time. Reddit's Blunder Years thread…
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Can You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Yes. I am a business cog. Here is the desk where you complete your daily drudgery. By…
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House-Sit For Your Neighbors While Theyre On Vacation!

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Go answer the door. Okay. PLESH! Fievel is a cunning mouse from a motion picture, you learn.…
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Can You Defeat The Chess Computer?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. In this city, chess is all that counts for much.It can be rough for someone who knows…
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Can You Survive Seeing Grease On Broadway?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. It’s a summer morning, and you’re sitting around with nothing to do. You had a job, but…
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21 Insanely Handy Gadgets On Amazon Under $20

wenty-one of the handiest gadgets on Amazon that all share one important quality: a splurge-friendly sub-$20 price tag. We hope you find these…
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This Guys Deal To Get Engaged To His GF Has Started a BIG Online Controversy

here are tons of bad reasons to get engaged. There are also, obviously, tons of great reasons. We don't know much about this…
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This Girl Used Instagram To Make an INCREDIBLE Transformation

Though she told PEOPLE I was overweight as young as I can remember, her weight began to spiral out of control following a…
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