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39 of the Most Absurd and Hilarious Cakes That Have Ever Been Baked

via: Tumblr The best-laid plans, ya know? Although, I do have to wonder whether these plans really were “best-laid.” Were they planning for…
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20 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Are About to Majorly Upgrade Your Life

Take everything out of the fridge, trash any food that’s gone bad, and wash the shelves with soap and water. Then wipe everything…
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20 Elusive Facts About Restaurants Youve Been Visiting Your Whole Life

via: Getty Images Until 2013, the number one purchaser of kale was Pizza Hut. They used it to garnish their salad bars. Then…
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The 20 Weirdest Stock Photos in the History of the Internet

Stock photo sites are deep wells of golden material. If you search it on Shutterstock or Getty, there's a picture of it. And…
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36 Ingenious Everyday Inventions Thatd Make Inspector Gadget Jealous

Inspector Gadget would definitely live up to his name if he had these 36 handy gadgets in his arsenal. We hope you find…
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10 Major Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

Celebs, they're truly just like the rest of us. They eat, drink, and oh, sometimes they kill people. Most times it's a car…
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18 Fascinating Facts About Twins That Will Have You Seeing Double

Twins have always been a source of fascination for many people. Now, with the number of twin births on the rise and more…
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20 Kids Who Are Legitimately Smarter Than You

Kids haven't yet been beaten into submission by years of trying to fit into society, and so they often think about things way…
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The Long Road To The Top: How Bursting Into Various Boardrooms And Shouting, Thats Where I Come In! Eventually Got Me A Job As A CEO At A Fortune 500 Company

I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve got it all: the corner office with my name on the door, the private jet, the…
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The Most Infamous Crimes From Each of the 50 States

We all have a little bit of hometown pride, something that makes us all proud to claim our history plus it's fun to…
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