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The 30 Best Ways to Travel for Cheap This Summer

Travel in the ‘right’ season. via: Getty That is to say, the off-season for whatever your destination. This summer, try visiting Hawaii, Florida,…
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I Rewatched Coyote Ugly as an Adult and Here Are the Realizations I Had

When you really boil down the plot of Coyote Ugly it is: Violet, a beautiful and talented girl moves to New York City.…
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37 Inventions Perfect For Lazy (or Just Really Efficient) People

This Phone Holder Keeps Your Hands Free via: Amazon It might be embarrassing to admit, but you know it’s true: Your arms have…
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45 Ridiculous, Sneaky Ways Brands Have Fooled Consumers

The photo clearly shows a person climbing with rope, and yet... via: Reddit It’s not misleading, okay? The non-rock climbing rope company just…
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19 Times Teens Were Beyond Extra on Social Media

Many teens these days spend a large portion of their time on social media. Sometimes it’s awesome, and it gives us all a…
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We Found the 20 Best GIFs on the Whole Internet

Starting off sweet with this GIF you could probably watch forever and ever without getting tired of it. How cute is this cat…
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19 People Who Got Caught in the Act and Definitely Have Some Regrets

These liars being called out is oddly satisfying, and we would like to join us in properly shaming the crap out of them.…
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30 Terrifying Facts About the Children of God Cult

Once Berg gained a following, he declared that a giant earthquake was going to hit California and the entire state was going to…
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19 Doctors Describe the Weirdest Medical Cases Theyve Ever Encountered

via: Shutterstock My dad is a heart surgeon and he told me this story. Guy comes in during his residency with a bullet…
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20 People Who Think They Were Actually Abducted by Aliens Tell Their Stories

Barrenfieldofcares has a very freaky story to tell: […] I was home alone on our farm as my mom and sisters were at…
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