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19 Insane and Amazing Golden Girls Tattoos You Need to See to Believe

What would you do if you were a tattoo artist and someone came in requesting a Golden Girls tribute? Why, you'd give them the best…
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19 Bizarre and Tragic Facts About Hollywoods Child Stars

Many of us have often wished we were famous. We fall into the trap of believing that famous people have fewer problems and…
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19 Myths Companies Invented to Sell Their Products

Smoking is totally healthy! Rinse and repeat! Fat is bad bad bad! As consumers, we're faced with myths (ahem, lies) every day that…
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10 Incredible Before and After Photos of Iconic 90s Supermodels, Then and Now

Remember the world’s most famous supermodels from back in the day? There was a time in the '80s and '90s when the likes…
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19 Parents Who Negotiated With Their Kids and Lost

In a recent Reddit post, "Never gamble what you aren't willing to lose,"  parents shared the deals they've made with their kids in…
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19 Futuristic Offices Youll Wish You Worked In

Having a job is one of those things that can be simultaneously wonderful and totally frustrating. Wonderful because, you know, money. But frustrating…
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The 19 Most Petty, Hilarious Venmo Transactions Ever

It's official: Venmo has turned normally fine and upstanding people into petty little, well... we won't say it. This Twitter thread proves it.…
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19 Stunning Examples of Minimalist Design That Prove Less Is More

In today's busy world, it can be easy to get caught feeling like we need to buy more and more things in order…
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19 People Tell Us the Most Expensive Thing Theyve Ever Held in Their Hands

Throughout your life, you've probably touched hundreds of thousands of different things. Some of them are probably worth only pennies — like shoelaces,…
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19 People Show Us the Stupidest Stock Photo Explanations of Their Jobs

Some brilliant mind started the #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob hashtag with gloriously hilarious results. Let’s take a look at 19 of the best ones. Advertisement Vertical…
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