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30 Terrifying Facts About the Children of God Cult

Once Berg gained a following, he declared that a giant earthquake was going to hit California and the entire state was going to…
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19 Doctors Describe the Weirdest Medical Cases Theyve Ever Encountered

via: Shutterstock My dad is a heart surgeon and he told me this story. Guy comes in during his residency with a bullet…
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20 People Who Think They Were Actually Abducted by Aliens Tell Their Stories

Barrenfieldofcares has a very freaky story to tell: […] I was home alone on our farm as my mom and sisters were at…
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37 Genius Products on Amazon With Over 1,000 Reviews

This Inflatable Travel Pillow via: Amazon This ergonomic neck pillow is perfect for the person who likes to travel light. Whether you’re camping…
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Artist Creates 20 Incredible Drawings of Everyones Favorite Marvel Characters

That red cape, the impeccable hair, the white streak. It’s the good doctor himself in all his saturnine glory. Enjoy! Advertisement That lightning,…
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The Side Hustle Is Real: 19 Real Ways People Make Money Outside of Their Jobs

And while some romanticize the idea of the side hustle, it’s not the best that we have to resort to it. Maybe you’re…
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19 Home Renovation Fails That Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry

What were these amateur contractors thinking?! Advertisement But you have to admit it’s pretty fun to watch! Advertisement Is this some kind of…
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29 Terrible Tourist Faux Pas People Make in Major Cities Around the Globe

Madrid redefines “late lunch”. The normal lunch time in Spain is usually around 2 or 3 pm. It’s best to follow the crowds…
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37 Genius Inventions Thatll Make You Say: I Shouldve Thought Of That!

These Magnetic Twist Ties Have Hundreds of Uses via: Amazon Clip your cord to your gym shirt. Stick your keys to your fridge.…
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35 Products So Satisfying, Youll Want To Try Them Immediately

This pack of three drain snakes will pull hair and gunk out of your drain like nobody’s business. You’re bathtub or sink will…
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