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I Work In Marketing And I See A Lot Of Bad Stock Photos, So I Decided To Have Some Fun With Them (15+ Pics)

So I did that, every day during the month of May.
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Someone Tries Those I Make $20,000 A Month From Home Ads, And Heres What Happens

Personalized emails requesting money, “shocking videos” sent by a Facebook friend or even business proposals, the internet is filled with all kinds of…
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Top Pizza Chain Employee Thinks His Job Is Sh*t, Reveals 10 Secrets Pizza Companies Dont Tell You

Businesses use dirty tactics to screw over their customers. And even if a company holds itself to somewhat higher moral standards that doesn’t…
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20+ Times Less Was More

There are certain things that we do still need however. While marketing gurus come up with ever more complex and distracting ways of…
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20+ Examples Of Unconditional Doggo Love That Will Melt Your Heart

And I mean no matter what. The vacuum cleaner is on again? The pooch will run to protect the human baby from its…
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Women As Old As 78 Get Transformed Into Pin-Up Girls, And The Result Will Surprise You

“I want everyday women to have access to a full photoshoot experience and magazine cover style images that models usually do,” Chrissy told…
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The Internet Is Dying From Laughter At The Way This Little Boy Ruined His Mothers Proposal Video

Kevin had brought along his 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh to film his proposal, which took place in front of a fountain. “After talking about marriage…
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After This Photographer Caught A Record Label Stealing Her Pics, Their Response Made Her Jaw Drop

Concert photographer Adrienne Row-Smith experienced such a case recently, after covering a few bands at a show for Monkey Goose Magazine. It went…
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These Bootleg Avengers Are So Bad They Got Sold Out Immediately

With so much business potential out there, it’s almost inevitable that the market will be flooded with bootlegs and fakes, with unscrupulous merchants…
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25+ Infuriating Pictures That Asshole Companies Dont Want You To See

The marketing techniques on display here are not designed for building trust, repeat business and goodwill, they are shameless attempts to squeeze as…
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