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Source SaysRihanna & Chris Brown Are Still In ‘Frequent Contact With Each Other’! – Perez Hilton

As we reported, Chris Brown  Work songstress is much more of an enigma. “There may be times when it seems that you cannot…
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Cherry farmers say US-China trade war has made business go sour: ‘They’re upset, clearly’

Unlike other commodities that can be stored, cherries are perishable. They’re picked, packed and sold right away. When China’s tariff went from 10…
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The US-Saudi relationship: Much less than meets the eye

(CNN)Among the most magical urban myths floating around the Trump administration is that Saudi Arabia is America's strategic partner and the relationship is…
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Harvard’s Bipartisan Congressional Orientation Under Fire For Being Too Corporate

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) still remembers what it felt like to attend the bipartisan gathering in 2012, hosted by the Kennedy School’s Institute…
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19 Witnesses Reveal Disgusting Behaviors Of Guests Theyve Seen At Weddings

Shutterstock / Kichigin 1. At the reception the new couple were sitting there with a long line of people waiting to pay their…
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60 Signs You Already Act Like An Old Lady In Your Twenties

January Nelson Updated December 11, 2018 0 If you do any of these things listed on Ask Reddit then you are acting older…
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Richard Branson Dived 124 Meters Into The World’s Second-Biggest Sinkhole And Made An Unprecedented Discovery

Located about 70 kilometers off the coast of Belize City, the Great Blue Hole is the world's deepest underwater sinkhole, after the Dragon…
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Melanie Griffith Says Alec Baldwin Rejected Her Come-On During ‘Working Girl’

Melanie Griffith was trying to work on a romance with Donald Trump impersonator was all business. The Hollywood Reporter in a story posted…
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Australia Has Cut Its Plastic Bag Use By 80 Percent In Just 3 Months

Australia has slashed its plastic bag habit by up to 80 percent within just three months, according to Australia's National Retail Association, which is…
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Argentine TV Welcomes Indian PM With Picture Of Apu From ‘The Simpsons’

“Apu Arrives,” Cronica TV reportedly  agreed with Gillespie’s assessment that the image was “racist,” reports the BBC. Actor Hank Azaria’s voice portrayal of…
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