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RiskRecons security assessment services for third-party vendors raises $25 million

In June of this year, Chinese hackers managed to install software into the networks of a contractor for the U.S. Navy and steal…
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Airbnb for Work now accounts for 15 percent of bookings

Business travelers have become an increasingly important part of Airbnb’s business, according to a new blog post. The company says that Airbnb for Work,…
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Number of mobile calls drops for first time

A high percentage (71%) say they never turn off their phones and 78% say they could not live without it.While three-quarters of the…
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Ivanka Trump Is Shutting Down Her Entire Brand! But What’s The REAL Reason??

In a The Trump family has faced numerous lawsuits in their year and a half in the White House as accusations build that…
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Man creates a business card that functions as a stylophone.

We'd hire this guy in an instant. Read more:
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20+ Failed Products That Made These Companies Regret Creating Them

It's not an easy task to introduce a brand new product to the market. Sometimes consumers aren't ready for the product, sometimes they…
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If you must interview Sean Spicer about his new book, the BBC has shown how to do it.

Hey! Remember Sean Spicer? He just wrote a book. Spicer was President Donald Trump's first press secretary before resigning just 182 days into…
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This flight attendant had a gut feeling about human trafficking. So he followed it.

When three young women and a man boarded his flight, Wesley Hirata had a bad feeling. The seasoned flight attendant, who has been…
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There’s a reason most millennials can’t afford to buy a house. And it’s not avocado toast.

There's no doubt that millennials are one of the most talked about generations. But millennials are also one of the most misunderstood. They…
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They’re each famous for different reasons. But as kids, these women wore the same uniform.

When was the last time a Girl Scout inspired you to follow your dreams? If your answer involves dreaming of Girl Scout cookies,…
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