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Source SaysRihanna & Chris Brown Are Still In ‘Frequent Contact With Each Other’! – Perez Hilton

As we reported, Chris Brown  Work songstress is much more of an enigma. “There may be times when it seems that you cannot…
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Cherry farmers say US-China trade war has made business go sour: ‘They’re upset, clearly’

Unlike other commodities that can be stored, cherries are perishable. They’re picked, packed and sold right away. When China’s tariff went from 10…
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The US-Saudi relationship: Much less than meets the eye

(CNN)Among the most magical urban myths floating around the Trump administration is that Saudi Arabia is America's strategic partner and the relationship is…
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Harvard’s Bipartisan Congressional Orientation Under Fire For Being Too Corporate

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) still remembers what it felt like to attend the bipartisan gathering in 2012, hosted by the Kennedy School’s Institute…
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