The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We’ve Got Is Real Cheap

Coding computers ain't like bulls-eyeing womp rats back in Beggar's Canyon, kid. Without precise calculations, you could reformat an entire hard drive, erase a year's worth of code, or miss blowing up a Death Star entirely, we guess. Look, the point is that coding takes extraordinary precision, and if you…

7 Sexy Old Photos That’ll Change Your View Of Famous People

Sometime last year, we blew apart your understanding of pop culture icons such as Betty White, Ricky Gervais, Bob Ross, and Alex Jones, and revealed that you would have totally wanted to bang their younger selves. Yes, the "They're turning the frogs gay" guy. That's how powerfully erotic our writing…

DOJ: Michael Cohen ‘under criminal investigation’

(CNN)Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, has been "under criminal investigation" for months in New York because of his business dealings, the Justice Department said Friday.Cohen's attorneys have filed a temporary restraining order in the matter, asking the court to stop federal prosecutors from using some of the records…

Jenna Dewan Flashes Floral Print In First Red Carpet Appearance Since Split From Channing Tatum

Looks like business as usual (or… mostly usual) for And now, the recently re-titled Dewan (no Tatum!) resurfaced last night at the 2018 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's Hope & Heritage Gala, where she was awarded as their Humanitarian Of The Year. Not a bad night — and all for…