Facebook denies its use of opposition research tactics while also ending work with Definers

You can't sit with us.Image: Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesThey smoked, but did not inhale. Facebook has decided to stop working with the consulting firm Definers, the company wrote in a statement published Thursday. It also denied that Facebook ever contracted Definers to do opposition research-style work on its behalf. The action…

Trump-backed prison reform bill to overhaul controversial ‘three strikes’ rule

Timothy Jackson is serving life without parole for shoplifting a jacket worth $159 in 1996. He received the harshest sentence thanks to a juvenile conviction of unarmed robbery and two car-burglary convictions. (ACLU/Jackson Family) Paul Carter of New Orleans is also serving life without parole after police searched him in…

Employees ask Google to end its censored Chinese search engine

Employees say it's not clear what has caused Google to change their tune on working in China.Image: Getty Images"Don't be evil" has transformed from a mantra into a plea. A group of Google employees published an open letter to their employer on Tuesday, calling for an end to Google's planned…

The Princess Switch Recap Betches

The movie opens in Chicago (I thought it was New York, tbh, but later found out the entire movie—including the Chicago scenes—was actually filmed in Romania), and we see Vanessa Hudgens working at a bakery, that she presumably owns. Isn’t she a little young? Meh, whatever. Vanssa has a hot sous…