13 Of Your Favorite Foods (And Their Bizarre Secret Origins)

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Food: you gotta eat it. No matter how you organize your diet, habits, and beliefs, you’re going to devour something that other people helped put in front of you, every day. And don’t get us wrong: eating is awesome. But did you know it’s also a lot more fascinating than you ever realized? Did you know you’re in a world where cheese is a conspiracy, fish are a lie, and every bit of the world’s honey WILL NEVER DIE?

On this week’s episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is LIVE at UCB Sunset with Hallie Cantor (Arrested Development, Lady Dynamite), Brodie Reed (Channel 101) and Ian Abramson (Oddball Comedy Tour), exploring bizarre secrets of the foods we eat every day. Find out how wood found its way into…everything. Discover which common nut explodes without warning. And sit down to your next meal with a heady appreciation for the phenomenally weird process that puts those nutrients in front of us every day.


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Join us for our next LIVE Cracked Podcast! It’s happening Saturday, June 9th at 7pm at UCB Sunset Theatre in Los Angeles. Alex Schmidt is joined by comedians Dan Hopper, Molly Lambert, and Dani Fernandez for tales of amazing performances by actors who weren’t acting. Tickets are $7 and available here.

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