InfoWars’ Alex Jones Says He’s Been Defamed by Defamation Suits

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Radio host Alex Jones is getting hit with a flurry of lawsuits over his conspiracy theories, including two defamation suits this week from parents of children killed at Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012. But he claims he’s the real victim.

“You’re allowed to question things in America, that’s not defamation,” Jones said Wednesday on his InfoWars broadcast. “But what is defamation is to file lawsuits that say I said things I didn’t say, and then put me and my whole family through the ringer and lie about us and hold us up against dead children and say basically we hate their families, we hate the children.”

Jones’s broadcast can be seen here.

Jones had derided the Sandy Hook shooting as fake and possibly staged by the government.

His digital platform, InfoWars, accused one of the parents of being an actor, and another of lying about holding his son’s body and seeing a bullet hole in his head. The statements were deemed a “heartless and vile act of defamation,” in one of the lawsuits.

Jones’s family wasn’t sued by the Sandy Hook parents.

“Alex Jones’s latest comments show he has zero respect for the torment he’s putting these victims through,” Wesley Todd Ball, the parents’ lawyer, said in a statement. “His comments are nothing more than a lie on top of a lie. They are void of an apology.”

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