Jenna Dewan Gets Divorce-Shamed After Posting Underwear Photo 3 Weeks After Channing Tatum Split!

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Haters are gonna hate…


On Thursday, the 37-year-old — who recently removed her married name from her social media handles — shared a pic (above) on Instagram where she poses in Danskin underwear.

Unfortunately, some social media users shamed the mother for posting such a sexy snap weeks after her breakup. The trolls wrote:

“That was fast. Most people are not in a hurry but it seems like she been over it for awhile.”

“Remove Channing check. Remove Tatum from name check. Remove clothes for IG pic check.”

“and the attention seeking begins …🙄.”

However, some defended Dewan against the harsh criticism.

“Jenna was someone before her husband and she will be someone how that he will be her ex-husband. If you were told you could never move on or were told you couldn’t do something because of your ex, anyone would be pissed off.”

“Ease up on this woman that is able to take care of herself. She’s promoting a brand. She’s beautiful. She is going through a hard time and people just want to spread hate. Shame on you. Divorce is hard and it’s not up to anyone else how she handles the business side of her life.”

“are people only being so hard on Dewan because she’s woman?”

“Fact is we ALL need to do something, ANYTHING after a break-up or divorce. If advertising is hers, then leave her be. She’s a human. Respect that. My guess is it won’t be long before we see Channing promoting a movie..will you haters disrespect [him in] the same way?….”

Last week on social media, the dancer wrote a sweet message to her fans thanking them for their support.

[Image via Jenna Dewan/Instagram.]

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