Viral Twitter thread celebrates the meaningless phrases we’ve all used in work meetings

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Here are some people at a work meeting, most likely talking about synergy.
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Whenever you spend a lot of time in a confined space with a group of people, it’s not uncommon for a new language to develop.

Slang. Shorthand. Odd sayings. It happens all the time. Normally it’s fine.

Not in offices, though.

In the workplace — particularly in meetings — this kind of thing happens far, far too much.

Comedian Adam Hess recently opened a can of worms when he made just such an observation.

Soon, Hess’ mentions were packed to the brim with people highlighting other, similarly meaningless phrases they’d heard wheeled out in the workplace.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

We need to put all these sayings in the bin, asap. 

Our synergy depends on it.

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