Scheana Marie’s Ex Rob Valletta Opens Up About His Relationship With The Vanderpump Rules Star!

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Scheana Marie‘s ex Rob Valletta is speaking out.

As you’ve surely seen, most of this season of

Although Scheana has already acknowledged that she looks “really stupid” in footage with Valletta, the Bravolebrity’s former flame has decided it’s his turn to spill about their relationship. Thanks to Radar Online, it’s since been revealed that Rob’s been conducting little Q&As on Instagram about his short lived romance with Scheana.

Here’s what he had to say…

When one follower online asked if Rob regretted appearing on the Bravo hit, Valletta responded:

“NO. You should never regret anything you do in life just learn from it.”

Very fair. Still, we doubt Rob misses James Kennedy drunkenly screaming in his Big Bear cabin late at night. LOLz!

In regards to whether or not he was “happy” with his decision to dump Scheana, Rob shared:

“No one is ever happy when they break up with anyone [sic] if you truly care about the person.”

Awwwww. The actor turned businessman further defended his ex lady when pushed to comment on whether he thought the former Mrs. Shay was “crazy.” His answer?? A simple, “NO.”

And again, when asked if he thought Scheana was obsessed with him, Rob commented with a “no.” Hmmm, we’re not sure if we agree with him!! Sorry, girl.

As you may’ve seen, Scheana constantly bragged about Rob’s manliness on VPR. At one point, she even boasted that Rob could hang a TV in under seven minutes. When one fan inquired if he ACTUALLY pulled this off, Scheana’s ex quipped:

“YES, of course.”

BRAVO! (See what we did there?)

And what about the twosome’s Divorce Closet business venture?? Well, Rob’s chosen to go through with the project, but Scheana has decided not to invest in the business. Fair enough.

For those of you hoping for a reconciliation between Rob and Scheana, it seems like that isn’t in the cards for them. Per Rob, “yes,” he still speaks with the TV personality, but “not as much though.” Bummer.

Despite enjoying his stint on VPR, Rob isn’t longing for his reality TV days!

Still, we wonder what Scheana thinks about Rob’s recent Q&A????

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