Bridezilla Ordered To Pay Wedding Photographer $90K After Vicious Viral Internet Posts!

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When it comes to her wedding, the bride is always right.

In the legal system, however, things aren’t quite so black and white.

That’s a lesson British Columbia’s Emily Liao learned when she was

After signing a $6,000+ contract, Emily wasn’t happy with her pre-wedding pics — so much so that she drove Kitty Chan‘s business into the ground!

How bad were Emily’s posts??

Justice Gordon Weatherill wrote in his decision that Liao had implied Amara Wedding “was a major scam shop and deceitful photography mill business engaged in extortion, dishonesty, unfair practices, bait and switch and other dirty tactics, lies to its customers who it tricks and coerces to enter into contracts which it breaches and attempts to falsify, had provided raw unfinished photographs under the guise of the finished product, had destroyed evidence, used a secret, fictional identity and had threatened the defendants.”


Chan says her Chinese wedding photography company catered to a community that relied on word of mouth, which meant Liao’s defamatory words — which went viral — forced her to close up shop.

The court felt the same way and held the bride responsible for the damages.

Weatherill called the case “an example of the dangers of using the internet to publish information without proper regard for its accuracy.”

“Emily, and others who think it is acceptable to use the internet as a vehicle to vent their frustrations, must be given the message that there will be consequences if their publications are defamatory.”

Be careful what you say online, y’all!

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