‘I Didn’t Trust Them': Caitlyn Jenner Feared The Kardashian Family Would Leak News About Her Gender Reassignment Surgery!

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Caitlyn Jenner continues to distance herself from the Kardashian-Jenner family…

As we reported way back in April 2017, the Olympian wrote in her memoir The Secrets of My Life she underwent gender reassignment surgery back in January of that year.

On Thursday, in a clip from Piers Morgan‘s show Life Stories obtained by DailyMail.com, the transgender icon confirms reports she did not tell Kris Jenner and co. about the procedure before writing about it in her book. Additionally, the Olympian reveals she sent Kim Kardashian West a copy of the book “except for the last few pages when I talked about gender confirmation.”

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When the British host asks, “They didn’t know that you had actually had the surgery?” Jenner replies:

“No, I didn’t tell anybody. Why? It’s none of their business.”

Additionally, the 68-year-old does not believe the family is “entitled to know before the world” as the surgery was “not that big a deal.”

“No, it’s not that big a deal… Nobody knows… I had to be honest, the book is about honesty. It’s called The Secrets of My Life… No, it really wasn’t a big deal… I had already been living as Caitlyn for a year and a half, ok, nobody knows anything.”

Later in the clip, the star of the late I Am Cait admits she didn’t want members of the family “to leak it to the press,” as she “didn’t trust them.”

“Because I didn’t want them to leak it to the press. Ok. And there was no reason for them to know about it… Of course not – of course I didn’t trust them, yeah.”

As seen on KUWTK, the book has been a source of contention between Caitlyn and rest of the family. In a June episode, Kim said:

“If you turn on my mom and you continue to bash us, I can’t — even for the sake of my sisters — spend time with someone who doesn’t care about my mother. Like enough already … My mom has been so fair to Cait and Cait has no decency towards her whatsoever. I don’t think my mom has to try anymore. It’s time to move on.”

And Kendall Jenner recently confessed to her mom that she and her siblings “kept a lot of” Caitlyn’s gender identity issues away from her.

Oof. This fam is tough to keep up with sometimes — even for members!

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