6 Slutty Tights What Will Actually Keep You Warm

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I like, reaaally hate dressing business casual in the winter. It’s lame, boring, and honestly, suffocating. When I dress for work, I like to play a little game called “how far can I stretch the appropriate dress code without getting fired?” Despite the freezing temps, this typically involves skirts that hover just above the knee or dresses that may be, debatably, too tight. However, my solution to turning any outfit that borders on risqué into chic (but warm) business casual? A good pair of fucking tights. Not just any old lady tights that run when you stretch a leg, or the pairs your mom used to buy when you were in like, chorus. I’m talking those that are of superb quality ~and~ still low-key slutty enough to wear at office happy hours. For those mid-January nights when you’re dying to wear your fave bodycon but don’t want to get frostbite, here are six semi-slutty tights to complete the look that won’t have you shivering in long-ass lines.

1. Out From Under Fleece Lined Tight

As per Urban Outfitters’ description, these are specifically made for nights when it’s just too cold to function. These are the basic black tights you need to make it through adulthood because you’ll def need them like, a million times. They’re full-length and lined with fleece, so you can finish off your outfit, knowing you’ll stay super warm.

2. Free People Cable Sweater Tight

In addition to owning a pair of solid black tights, you’ll want a cozy gray pair on the rare occasion you want to change things up a bit. These warm cable knit tights would go perfectly with an oversize sweater that’s probably not really a dress, but long enough to hypothetically be a dress.

3. Wolford Whitney Control Top Tights

For a vibe that says business in the front and party in the back, these are the key component of an “office professional to happy hour hoe” outfit. They’re soft knitted black tights with a simple straight line going down the back, and feature a shaped waistline so you can hide your winter bloat.

4. Hue Women’s Shimmer Stripe Tights

These honestly give your next bar-hopping outfit a sexy schoolgirl vibe without making it look like a Halloween costume. The wintery shimmer is definitely fun, and would make these look seriously bomb with OTK boots. It’ll only count if you take an Insta, though.

5. ITEM M6 Invisible Open Toe Tights

In addition to the long list of neutral colors to buy tights in, you obviously need pair in nude that you can wear year-round. These not only thin-ify your bod and make your legs look hella amazing, but they also offer heat management so you’re not totally freezing, regardless of what you wear them with.

6. LOFT Ribbed Sweater Tights

These are so warm and soft, your legs will feel like they’re each wearing a sweater. The lightweight pair features a soft ribbed texture that’s thick and v durable, so you won’t make a run in them no matter what festivities you participate in on Saturday nights.

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