National Enquirer Editor Dylan Howard Accused Of Sexual Misconduct & Threatening Terry Crews With ‘False Prostitute Story’

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Sometimes the people behind the news can make news themselves…

On Tuesday, the Associated Press published a report detailing a 2012 internal investigation of American Media Inc.‘s chief content officer Dylan Howard for alleged sexual misconduct.

According to 12 former employees who spoke to AP, the editor — who works for gossip publications such as the National Enquirer, Us Weekly, RadarOnline, and Star — allegedly openly described his sexual partners during meetings, discussed female employees’ sex lives, and forced women to watch or listen to pornographic material that apparently was not considered newsworthy.

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Maxine “Max” Page, a former senior editor at RadarOnline, says she complained to human resources about him on behalf of two female reporters. She revealed:

“The behavior that Dylan displayed and the way he was and the way the company dealt with it — I just think that it has to be made public because it’s completely unacceptable.”

Page and six other employees said Howard made inappropriate comments to and about one of the aforementioned reporters. They said he wanted to create a Facebook account of the woman’s vagina, made comments about her sex life, and forced her and other female employees to watch or listen to pornography involving celebrities without reason.

Former reporter Liz Crokin claims Howard once asked whether she was “going to be walking the streets tonight” on a day she wore heels to work.

Additionally, an unidentified former senior editor says he wrongfully accused her of sleeping with a journalism source, and “encouraged her to have sex with people for information.”

According to an invite obtained by AP, a week before an outside investigator began holding interviews, Howard invited a dozen coworkers to his 30th birthday party in Las Vegas, which he dubbed “Dildo’s Dirty 30.”

On Tuesday, Cam Stracher — a lawyer for American Media — confirmed Howard’s internal inquiry, but said the investigation produced no warrant for his termination.

“It was determined that there was some, what you would call as, horsing around outside the office, going to bars and things that are not uncommon in the media business… but none of it rose to the level of harassment that would require termination.”

After the report was completed, Howard quit the company and stopped working out of the Los Angeles office. However, he was rehired a year later with a promotion at American Media’s New York headquarters.

It is unclear if Howard was disciplined for his alleged actions, or if there are any new sexual harassment allegations since his rehiring.

After word of the 2012 investigation broke out, Terry Crews said Howard was the man who “threatened” him with publishing a “false prostitute story” after he opened up to Good Morning America about his groping claims against WME agent Adam Venit.

Who’s going to be next??

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