Johnny Depp’s dogs: Australia’s deputy PM threatens actor with ‘perjury’ investigation

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Barnaby Joyce says government will examine whether it can take further legal action after saga of dogs Pistol and Boo

Australias deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has said the government will examine whether Johnny Depp committed perjury by smuggling dogs into the country while knowing it was illegal.

The saga of Pistol and Boo, the Yorkshire terriers who infamously landed the then Hollywood couple in strife in 2015, took another twist with allegations by Depps former managers that he was fully aware that he was illegally bringing his dogs to Australia.

However, legal sources immediately poured cold water on Joyces suggestion, telling the Guardian that Depp could not be charged with perjury when he made no representations in the Australian court case.

Depps former wife Amber Heard paid a $1,000 fine last year after pleading guilty to making a false customs declaration that she had no animals, in what a Gold Coast magistrate accepted was a paperwork bungle involving a disgruntled Depp staffer.

But in legal filings in a US dispute with Depp, the Management Group (TMG) alleged Depp falsely claimed to authorities and in public press interviews that the incident was a big misunderstanding because he supposedly believed his staff had obtained the necessary paperwork.

When confronted by Australian authorities, Depp pressured one of his long-term employees to take the fall, TMG alleged in papers obtained by People.

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